Every dog must have his day.

Ruff Ruff my name is Betsey.
I’m an adult, female hound mix.
Betsy has a condition that causes her colored hair to fall out. Her fur may never grow back, but don’t let that stop you from taking this sweet girl into your home.

Please open your heart and home to this beautiful lady! She really needs that special someone right now. 

2252 Richland Rd., Marion, Ohio
(740) 386-6150

"The Marion County Dog Pound is now under the control of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and is located at 2252 Richland Road. We are required by law to hold a dog for 3 days to allow the owner to claim the dog. If it is not claimed, it will then be an adoptable dog. We will post all adoptable dogs on our facebook page along with pictures. The adoption fee is $44.00 which includes the price of tags. If the adopter is over the age of 60, the adoption fee is waived and only the $16 tag fee is charged."

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